We’re all in on Goodwill

By Andrew Phelps | November 15, 2018

How our business relationship grew into a charitable partnership. Stan Yamamoto helps a lot of people, even if they don’t know it. As the Senior VP of Brand Strategy for Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona, he guides the major non-profit brand in its mission to help those in the most need. Like most people reading this, Brad and…

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Spinning to Win

By Brad Waitr | November 2, 2018

How testing our incentives app at Phoenix Design Week led to a new product launch After every conference, I come home with a tote bag loaded with flyers and branded knickknacks… and lanyards. I frickin’ hate lanyards. Anyway, most of the time, the tote bag turns into a reusable grocery bag, the cats play with the…

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Adding Value Before a Sale

By Brad Waitr | November 9, 2017

Why we rethought our approach and are never going back Here’s a concept that isn’t new: a company should create value for potential clients before asking for anything (i.e. a sale) in return. I can say with 100% certainty: I want User10 to provide value up-front before a sale. But, I’ve struggled with the concept. Why? It’s never been…

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So … We built something new this week

By Brad Waitr | August 8, 2014

Building Storybyte – It sucks (sometimes) Over the last couple weeks, Kyle Stewart, Mike Alonzo, and myself have been feeling a bit burnt out on Storybyte. We’ve been hustling to get new users, improve features, fix bugs, and just trying our best to succeed in general. And, we’ve been getting kicked in the balls. We’ve been feeling this…

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